Abonyi-Tóth Zs, Kaló Z, Ágh T, Inotai A, Katona L, Rokszin Gy, Jozwiak-Hagymásy J: Assessment of generic drug policy implementation by measuring persistence with antihypertensive drug therapies after patent expiry (Value in Health 1 6 [2 0 1 3] A323–A636)

Objectives: There are two important success criteria of generic drug policies in chronic diseases after patent expiry: price erosion and persistence. Our objective was to assess the implementation of generic drug policies on these criteria between 2007-2011 in Hungary by comparing the continuation of angiotensin receptor blockers after patent expiry of original therapies.

Conclusions: Despite significant changes in the generic drug policies in Hungary in 2007, 2009 and 2011 not more than one-third of hypertensive patients changed to generic drugs during 12 months after first generic entry. These findings indicate suboptimal generic drug policy in a chronic disease with significant public health implications.