It is a great pleasure and honour for us to have entered into strategic cooperation with the Syreon Research Institute in December 2019 (

Syreon is an independent company that carries out research and provides expertise in health economics, health policy and public health. Researchers are international experts in these fields, providing training courses for public and private actors in the health sector in many countries around the world. Syreon works with key players in global pharmaceutical companies, emerging biotechnology companies, technology assessment offices, public institutes, academic and international scientific networks. Researchers at Syreon are committed to supporting evidence-based decision-making.

I have had decades of personal acquaintance and working relationship with the Managing Director of Syreon Prof. Dr. Zoltán Kaló, while in recent years I have had the honour of getting to know Prof. Dr. Zoltán Vokó in connection with Hungarian research as a leading epidemiologist and medical expert.

Over the past few years, we have occasionally had the opportunity to work with Syreon within the framework of international pharmaceutical analytic projects based on NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary) data. We would like to expand this cooperation in the future by jointly applying for research opportunities, especially in the case of international – European Union and Western European university – projects.

I hope that in the future we will have several opportunities to combine the health economics knowledge accumulated by Syreon with our expertise in analysis based on the NHIF database, so that we can publish analyses that contribute to both domestic and international health care systems in order to uncover and exploit this hidden potential as fully as possible.